lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

My experience using English blog

Really I enjoyed very much writing in my English blog. Despite it was a work I enjoyed this activity and I put all my dedication for this work. I accept that sometimes I felt tired and I did it quickly for to finish soon, but in general always I was very interested in write in my English blog, and I don’t lie, really I like so much this activity.
In the blog course I enjoyed writing about for example a travel unforgettable for us; one on one; song that remember us something of the past; activity that like us to do outdoor; favorite beach; about this Christmas; about Santiago and the favorite piece of art. I liked to write about these matters because it makes me remember some things that I thought forgotten it, like for example write about song that remember us something of the past (I remembered a part of my childhood) or a travel unforgettable for us. In general, all this matters I liked to write it because for me are matters interesting and attractive for to write.
Contrary, I disliked writing about Horoscope Chinese. In the first case, I didn’t like because this matter isn’t interesting for me, I prefer instead it other theme like for example about the favorite book or other theme, but for other side, it was funny because I didn’t know my sign and was funny asked to some classmates about what are their sign…so I enjoyed writing this matter but I don’t prefer it.
I enjoyed reading the jessy’s blog, because her experiences were very interesting and funny for me. I really enjoyed to read this blog, also dear jessy is very sympathetic jaja J
Well, finally I think that the blog is very useful for learn and practice English. Personally, I learnt many things about this language and sincerely I consider that I know more about it. When I began to write the blog I needed see the dictionary many times, but now I can write more quickly and I don’t needed revise much the dictionary.

martes, 17 de enero de 2012

Mythical horses

This piece of art was done by Laurel Burch, an American artist, designer and business woman. She was born in “The Valley” (San Fernando Valley) that is located in southern California on 1945 and died of a congenital disease (osteopetrosis) on 2007, when she had 61 years old.

She needed maintain her two children (after two short marriages and two fast divorces) so there was when she began making pictures, because restaurants commissioned her, companies and private collectors. This, after she began a business where she designed some things like jewelry, T-shirts, scarves, notepads, among other things, all derived of her pieces of art.

The first time that I saw this picture was when give me a gift, a notepads of Laurel. Really I like very much this gift, for the colors and for its design, I love this. So, I searched who had done this design so beautiful, and I found Laurel pictures, and I fell in love of her pieces of art, and especially of this piece of art, that is part of ‘album’ called “Mythical horses” that contains some pictures about this theme.

Finally, I like this picture for its colors, and its different tonalities very intense. Also for the horse forms; for other side I like color mixture that has the piece, and its tracing. I think that Laurel Burch had a lot talent, because her pictures are beautiful for me (and for many people), and because her pieces had something special and unique that it becomes in something singular.